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The Journals and Conferences of Innovative Research Publication is a leading international conference that is open and dedicated to advances in all areas of Science and Technology .It therefore provides a broad, unique learning experience for Newcomers to leaders in the field Scinece and Technology.This international conference is having an objective of inviting learned human resource from all around world, to share their valuable Research/Contributions/Scope/Opinions related to advancements in Engineering(All Streams), Pharmaceutical Sciences, Biotechnology,Applied Sciences and Management.Open Access Journal are freely accessible via the Internet for immediate worldwide, open access to the full text of articles serving the best interests of the scientific community .The Current Scenario of education in the country demands a change in the thought process & re-engineering of its courses & programmes to bridge the ever increasing gap between Industry & Academia. A Successful organization relies heavily on its skilled & trained Human Resource which is the primary asset of a successful organization.The IRP Publication Conference Series brings together researchers, application scientists and instrumentation developers from universities, research institutes and industry to provide a forum to present and discuss recent developments in all fields of Science and Technology.

Innovative Research Publication reviews papers within one weeks of submission and publishes accepted articles on the internet immediately upon receiving the final versions.Our fast reviewing process is our strength.